2 February

Hannibal Wulf-Katz

by Jon Katz
Hannibal Wulf-Katz

I had our own little “State Of The Dog” talk with Gus this morning, I said “listen you little warthog in a dog’s body, this is a muzzle for you to wear when you are outside so you can learn to stop eating like a pig and stop throwing up all over our home? Get it?”

I am getting a lot of messages, I said, pointing out that with this muzzle you are looking more and more like Hannibal Lecter, so I might change your name to Hannibal  Wulf-Katz. Get it?

I think he did. We’ll see. He does look a bit like Hannibal Lecter.


    1. Patricia, I appreciate the thought, but I am puzzled that so many people make that suggestion. She is a fiber artist, she makes and sells her art, her quilts, hanging pieces, etc, none of those skills relate in any way to making a fiber muzzle for a dog, nor would that make any sense in terms of utility. She does not make accessories for dogs, I believe she would be offended at the idea. She does not make muzzles for dogs. I don’t write this in anger or disapproval, I just don’t quite understand the idea, knowing how hard she works at her art.

  1. I hope this does the trick for Gus… and I believe he will get use to it. I actually think it might be more comfortable than a muzzle that wraps around his little snout. You folks are doing your best for him.

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