10 February

Reunion: Dog And Breeder

by Jon Katz
Dog And Breeder

We’ve only seen Robin Gibbons once since we brought Gus home from her house last Spring. She’s Gus’s breeder, and now, a good friend. She hasn’t seen Gus since his megaesophagus diagnosis, but we have talked on the phone and messaged one another almost continuously since Gus got sick.

She was  eager to see him again, so I drove him over to her house this afternoon. Although megaesophagus is not a breeding issue – doctors believe it is caused by parasites or a virus – she is scrupulous and ethical and she is testing Gus’s mother Hannah, to make sure she isn’t carrying the disease.

We all keep telling her it isn’t transmitted in that way, and Gus’s mother, father and siblings don’t have any health issues of any kind. Robin wants to be sure, she says she prays for Gus continuously. I have hopefully been clear – this is not a breeding problem, a dog lover could hardly do better than t get a dog from Robin, she is careful, loving and  very honest.

We stopped by her house on the way to town, she doesn’t live far from the farm. Robin has two Boston Terriers, Jeeter, a male who is no his father, and Hannah, a female who is his mother. Gus was  very happy to see Robin and her son Brian, he went crazy over Brian, jumping on his head, showering him with kisses.

It was a joyous reunion, although Hannah didn’t seem to recognize Gus at all. His feelings were not the least bit heart, he chased her all over the room.

Gus clearly remembered Brian, and they got right into their old scrambling and wrestling with one another. Robin has been following Gus’s   progress on my blog, and she has been encouraging and supportive as we try to figure out what to do.

Gus regurgitated some food just after coming home, I write that off to excitement and energy, the dogs were all quite intense with one another, lots of circling and posturing with one another.                                                          .

It was a great pleasure to work with Robin. She said we could come over as often as we wished to see the puppy, and we did. Robin did a great job of socializing all of the dogs. She is a careful breeder and works hard to keep the best traits alive in the dogs she breed. I hope she breeds again. Hannah is a sweetheart.


      1. Yes, it poses an interesting question..which is worse, typos or rudeness? A great question for our time…I wish I cared more about typos, but the truth is, I really don’t. You can thank Miss McCarthy of the 3rd grade, she taught me with her scolding that good writing has nothing to do with grammar, she was a pestilence..

  1. What are the three dots that are on the side of Gus’s face? Are those just whisker marks? They look so unusual in the photo, but are probably entirely natural, right?

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