12 March

Pen Pals At The Mansion. Letters And Letters

by Jon Katz
Army Of Good

Several members of the Army Of Good have begun Pen Pal programs with some of the Mansion residents, a bunch of Pen Pal letters from a good Samaritan in California arrived today, Sylvie has been exchanging letters with Pen Pals for months.

It’s a wonderful idea, although many of the residents may choose not to participate, or can only participate occasionally or in a limited away.

(Please do not send your letters to me or ask me to make sure they were received, or whether they will be answered. I don’t have time to do that and neither does the staff, nor is it really my business. If you are good enough to seek a Pen Pal relationship – I saw a half-dozen residents reading their Pen Pal letters today and asking for help in responding – please keep your expectations flexible.  Some of the residents will love the idea, and then cool on it. Some residents will devour  your letters, some will forget them, or feel poorly, others will just quite summon the focus to respond. In this case,  a good deed is its own reward, and perhaps only reward.  it would helpful if the Pen Pal letter writers included a stamped and self-addressed envelope. I’ve handed out stamps, but they tend to vanish. And thanks. It’s a lovely idea. Pen Pal letters should be sent to the Mansion, 11 S. Union Avenue, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816,)

Helen and Peggy and Sylvie were going over their Pen Pal letters eagerly today as I walked the hallways. I asked Sylvie if she was going to respond, she said she would try, but most of the letters get returned for one  reason or another, she is not good with addresses, she says, and those letters, she added, will be considered prayers to the Universe.

Here is a list of residents who wish to receive your messages. Winnie, Jean A., Mary, Gerry, Sylvie, Diane, Alice, Jean G., Madeline, Joan, Bill, John K.,Helen, Bob, Alanna, Barb, Peggie, Dottie, Tim, Debbie, Art, Brenda, Wayne, Kenneth, Ruth.

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