13 March

Gus’s Me Journal: 3/13/18. Some Trouble

by Jon Katz
Gus’s Me Journal. Gus and Dr. Fariello.

It turns out that Gus is having trouble absorbing his food, according to our vet and a nutritionists we consulted about his diet. This is a worrisome turn for him, he is losing some weight even though he is eating about a third more food than a dog his size is supposed to eat.

We are trying some probiotics and adding another half-can of food to his diet to see if his weight will pick up. The specialist we consulted said Gus should weight more than he does, given want he is eating.

This digestive issue is often related to megaesophagus, and it is a difficult one to treat. If Gus ends up suffering from absorption problems and then possibly, malnutrition, that would be a serious turn for the worse. There is no cure for megaesophagus. The mad scientist me – will have to get back to coming up with a new diet.

Gus has had a wobbly couple of days. He is having trouble swallowing and regurgitation a milky fluid. We’ll do more tests including blood work and  X-rays next week to see if there is any vitamin deficiency or any other related problem.

Dr. Fariello could see I was upset, she told me to call her anytime, we would work on this together. I appreciate that, there are so many things going on in my life my head is spinning.

This is new terrain for me, for Maria. We’ll talk about it today and do some planning.

Gus is quite small, even for the breed, and even though he eats a lot, he is think for what he is consuming. I will say this news is upsetting to me, and may send us back to square one. Not sure yet, we’ll have to do some testing.

It’s snowing here, but I’m heading off to Albany, we need to get some clothes for a refugee kid whose being taunted in school. The roads are clear, and I don’t think I would sleep if I didn’t get those clothes. Check in later. I’m glad for the trip, I can think about what I can do to help Gus.


  1. It’s not uncommon for people or pets to get a second opinion on a condition, usually a doctor or vet would be happy for the additional information. This is not advice! Just a friendly thought.

    1. We’ve had several opinions from trained vets already, thanks, and another thousand online. This is advice, and something we are well aware of, of course. I do appreciate your concern, but we are not seeking advice or in need of it.

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