13 March

The Socrates Potholder, Coming Tomorrow: It Was Inevitable

by Jon Katz
It Was Inevitable

I suppose it was inevitable. I got Maria a snail to go into the fish tank I bought her for her birthday. She named him Socrates and spends a considerable amount of time observing him, admiring him and researching snails online. Maria is a creative obsessive, and when she zeroes in a subject, it usually becomes art in one form or another.

She has been telling me about snails all week, how they go up, go down, blow bubbles, sail around,  explore, hide, sleep and perform aquatic acrobatics. So today, she brought me the first design of her new Socrates Potholder (with a fish theme) which will go up for sale on Etsy, I believe, tomorrow.

You can follow the journey of Socrates The Potholder on Maria’s blog. They will go  cost $25 plus shipping. It’s pretty cool living with an artist, you never know what’s just around the corner,and it seems that life is art, and vice versa.

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