16 April

Final Design: My Business Cards. Thanks For Your Help

by Jon Katz
Design: Business Cards

Sara Kelly, a friend, artist and graphic designer who lives in Cambridge, N.Y., sent over the final design for my new business cards. This is the second time in my life I’ve ordered business cards, the first was required by my employer many years ago.

People I meet are always asking me how to get in touch with me, and we end up fumbling with phones, pens and paper. This is easier. I didn’t give out my home number for obvious reasons – marketers, people who want training advice,  people who want to talk about their dogs, people who want to visit, people want me dead or maimed.

I guess there are some concrete advantages to e-mail.

But I am accessible and wish to remain that way. So I thought my name, e-mail and website would do it. But I also added my P.O. Box at the suggestion of several people who saw my request for feedback on the first two designs.

I thank you, your comments were very helpful, Sara said she also decided to center my name at the suggestion of several people who messaged her about the designs. This is the part of interactivity that I love and celebrate, your comments were very helpful to me to me, and I appreciate them.

I should mention that not a single person chose the first design, everybody went with the sheep silhouette

And I’m grateful to Sara. She is creative and open, her work has appeared at our Open Houses, and I admire the very creative and connected life she lives in our town.

I ordered 300 cards. It’s strange, having a business card, because I don’t see myself as a business. But I guess in some ways, I am. And as I move towards publishing my own books, I imagine they will come in handy. As one reader of the blog pointed out, having the P.O. Box on the card is important because it the address where people sent donations for the refugees and the Mansion residents.

Several people have asked about how they might contact Sara to order some work of their own, and I am happy to help – she’s great. She’s sarakellygraphics.com or you can contact here on her Facebook Page

Thanks again, I love the design..


  1. further comment if it works in the timing: take out the periods in NY, and remove the comma before the zip code. Also I would take out the periods with PO Box, just more modern. Annoyed with myself I missed the importance of including your PO Box.

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