20 April

Gods And Goddesses: Women’s Time

by Jon Katz
Last Day Of Cold

We have declared this the last day of ice and cold, and I believe that is true. I am always stirred by scenes of Maria, the farm’s Willa Cather Prairie Goddess, so great a presence on the farm. She seems to grow stronger and more powerful all the time, and the farm is a good place for that, it brings out the strengths and weaknesses of people.

I am mostly alone on this farm, I get around a lot, see a lot of people. But everywhere I got, people are talking about Women’s Time, about women rising. We were shopping in our food co-op today, now run by four young women.

People were talking about how well women can get along with one another, how non-hierarchal they are, how disinterested they are in domination and argument. I know that lots of women do not always get along with one another, but what it happening is not a fantasy.

Something very important has been triggered by the awful politics of our time. The way men govern has failed, and spectacularly so. I am  hopeful about the fact that newborn baby can come into the United States Senate with his mother, I am excited to see that so many thousands of women are coming out of the shadows and running for office and talking about doing good and helping people.

Wow, I can sense it, feel it, touch it. My wife is a part of that, she is a passionate advocate for women without voice or power. She is always there for women who need support and encouragement, and there are so many.

It’s exciting for me, sitting in my study, at my computer, singing my songs on my blog. She helps me to feel part of this great movement, we see signs of  it wherever we are go. Maria, in her life, is in the thick of it, her art has always spoken of voice and encouragement,  and especially of goddesses..

I support her whenever I can, and she supports me whenever she can.

These are not bad times to be alive, these are good times to be alive. I feel awakened, excited hopeful. I am too old and too male to be of much help or influence, but this gives me the greatest joy, empowerment and encouragement are also what I am about, in my own way and life. I know a of people now who need help and I am learning how to help them.

I’m not much of man, either, and that often makes me quite proud. We all contribute in our own way.


  1. Beautiful portrait, as always………….Jon You have a show of willa cather portraits. would love to see them all together………, and thanks for honoring women, always! we are rising!

  2. Much of this is true, but don’t get carried away with “how well women can get along with one another, how non-hierarchical they are, how disinterested they are in domination and argument.” I have worked under women bosses and always had good experiences, but I have also observed that the “getting along” is often superficial and they get the knives out when someone they are nice to face to face walks away. They do work by building consensus, which is something men are capable of (read Acts 15 in the Bible) but seldom do. But saying “the way men govern has failed” is not correct. They are just two different ways of doing things. Consensus is better when time allows as it gets everyone on board, but time often does not allow, and someone has to make a decision whether everyone agrees or not. If there is not a clear hierarchy women often end up doing nothing about problems but debating and fighting endlessly, to the detriment of the organization they work for. Then there is the endless drama – every little thing is of apocalyptic importance. Sure, some men are like this too, but it is more prevalent among women.

    1. Aa I said quite clearly in the piece, not all women get along and not all men quarrel and dominate. I don’t think there’s much debate about the idea that women are less hierarchal and do build consensus as a rule. That’s why they make such good small business owners. And soon, members of Congress. I don’t think that’s something I need to argue, and your argemennt that women in general tend to do nothing but debate and fight endlessly is stupid, false in my experience, and completely unsupported by any kind of research or date. This is not the right place for stupid and offensive, please take it elsewhere. Men are literally destroying the country and the world, and I hope women can rise up in time to save us. I’m counting on it.

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