28 April

Helping Ed And Carol Gulley: A Go Fund Me Project. Help If You Can

by Jon Katz
Go Fund Me – The Gulleys

Help the Gulleys here.

As most of you know, Ed Gulley, a friend, farmer, artist and blogger, has been diagnosed with brain cancer, surgery is not an option and Ed has declined chemotherapy and other treatments.

Many of you have met Ed and Carol at our Open Houses or read about their lives on Bejosh Farm on their remarkable blog.

Ed and Carol plan to set off on a trek to Montana and other places in the next few weeks, Ed wants to see the world while he can, Carol is eager to drive him.  He’s been living and working on a farm every day of his 65 years. He is very deserving of this trip.

In recent years, Ed has mushroomed as an artist as well as  farmer and animal lover, Carol as a writer. They both have unleashed the creative spark inside of them and in all of us. Ed has sold his farm art all over the country.

Some friends in the farm community put up a Gofundme project for Ed and Carol to help them on their trip. They are asking for $10,000 but I hope the response is much greater than that. They deserve it and will need it. Milk prices today are the same as they were in 1970, no dairy farmer can take the right trip across the country without some help.

I hope you can help the Gulley’s at this turning point in their lives. Ed is determined to make his illness helpful to other people, he is planning to put up a video every day on his trip, we are all invited to come along. Ed is one of my closest friends – we joke we are brothers from different mothers.

He is a dinosaur, for sure. There are not many of him left, and I love him for his fierce independence and constant search for meaning.

I have enormous respect and love for him, he is iconic in many ways, one of a dying breed of family farmers and ferocious individualists. Carol is a genuine writer. They are a truly amazing couple.

Ed is planning to sell his latest art sculptures at our Open House in October, and we both expect him to be here. Just because he may die does not mean he will not show us how to live. He’s not getting out of fixing that wind chime on our porch.

I hope you can help the Gulleys by going to this Gofundme project and donating what you can. On my end, I am going to push this project to get up to $50,000 or more, I’ll post it on my blog here every day.  They will need this support in the coming months.

You can also follow Ed and Carol on their journey  by reading the Bejosh Farm Journal.

Their blog is groundbreaking in its portrayal of farm life, and now, I imagine it will do the same as a profile in courage and love. Ed and Carol are symbols of America and community at its best – hardworking, honest, devoted friends and parents and spouses. They have devoted much of their loves to loving animals, Ed’s cows are his best friends.

We owe the farmers a great deal, people like the Gulleys are the ones who have made America great and fed us and our families. I am sure we will stand by them now.

You can go directly to the Gofundme project here. Please share the site with your friends if you can.



  1. What a shocking post! It’s the last thing you would expect to happen to a strong, hardworking farmer. My heart goes out to both Ed and Carol on this difficult life journey. I can so empathize since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January at age 67. Life can hit us with challenges and suffering but we have to see and be grateful for the beauty and love as well.

    Jon, your post was so well written and the photo is so touching. You are such a good friend. I will certainly donate to their last trip to make memories. ❤️

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