7 May

Writing To Ed And Carol Gulley. They Want To Hear From You.

by Jon Katz
Writing To Ed And Carol

I didn’t know at first how private Ed and Carol wanted to be about Ed’s illness, so I didn’t give out their address and suggest that people could write to them. When we were visiting them the other day, Carol pulled out a stack of letters she had gotten from their blog readers, and I could see how much the messages they were getting meant to them.

They sit at their kitchen table and Carol reads the letters to Ed. He says he plans on answering as many as he can.

Ed is an interactive human, he loves to talk to people.

I also saw on the Bejosh Farm Journal yesterday some comments from Ed on a video talking about how important messages from the outside world are to him, he urged people to keep sending them.

So I thought I’d pass along their address for people who might wish to send them a card, letter, photo or other message. It really helps. The address is Ed and Carol Gulley,  Bejosh Farm, 10 Chestnut Hill Road, Eagle Bridge, N.Y. 12057.

You can follow the Gulleys on their very popular blog, the Bejosh Farm Journal.

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