14 May

Update: Hannah Gets Sexy

by Jon Katz
Hannah Gets Sexy

After a day or so of being coy and fussy, Hannah has decided to go with it, and have daily sex with Knox. Word is both of them enjoyed it, and that Knox was a gentleman. Robin Gibbons would not let Hannah have an unpleasant experience. This makes the odds good, but not guaranteed.

I think the breeders call it gettied “tied,” but I like to avoid jargon. In a month, we’ll know if Hannah is pregnant, and if she is, she will give birth to some Boston Terrier puppies two months later. We might have a puppy on hand for the October Open House, or close after.

So the news from Hannah and Knox is good news, subject to the vagaries of this process. We are optimistic and look forward to getting another of Hannah’s offspring, male or female. There is nothing more to  update about the pregnancy until a month has gone by, but I’m sure I will be  writing more about the small dog experience. Wish us luck.

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