15 May

The RISSE Amazon Wish List:”Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness”

by Jon Katz
RISSE Wish List

Risse, the refugee and immigrant center in Albany, has just posted a new RISSE Wish List On Amazon, the list is short and powerful and inexpensive. I know there are many demands on your time and your money, but this is a precious cause, one that is dear to my heart and close to the soul of America.

If there is a theme on this wish list is the spirit of America, they want posters representing Dr. Martin Luther King and the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of so many millions of people of the real heart of America, a place of refuge and freedom and opportunity. Dr. King said that “darkness cannot drive out darkness,” think the Army Of Good is proving the truth of that.

The children in the RISSE after school program need to hear these messages, for comfort and inspiration. They need some recycling bins, too. I hope you can find the time to support this wonderful organization, they are stretched thin, helping refugees and immigrants every day. Check out the new Wish List here: There are not too many things on it.

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