13 June

Good News, Hannah!: Looks Like Two In The Oven

by Jon Katz
Good News At The Vet

Hannah went to the Cambridge Valley Vet today to have an ultra sound today. It looks like she is pregnant. Dr. Blanchette say she spotted two gestational sacs she thought were embryos, she thinks there are two more coming. She can’t be positive quite yet, but it’s looking very good,

Hannah is going back in two weeks to be sure. Dr. Blanchette was pretty confident. Hannah is a sweetheart, all love and patience. She was a great mother for Gus, and hopefully, will be a  great mother to our next puppy.

This is exciting news. We love Hannah and we were impressed with Knox the father.

It is rare to meet the mother and father of a dog  I am getting, it feels good and helpful to me. Hannah couldn’t be sweeter  and Knox is both affectionate and gentle. He is a very calm dog. What a good pair of parents these two will make. So I think we’re on track to get one of Hannah’s puppies, if all goes well.

This is happy news, we both are eager to resume the great experiment we began with Gus. Just need a bit more patience.

Robin Gibbons, the breeder was in the room with us, Hannah is her girl, her jewel. You can see it.


  1. Was Knox Gus’s father.? I wish you all the best and look forward to following the puppy tales!! I read your posts everyday. Congratulations on your anniversary with Maria.💕

  2. Thank you, Jon. I thought he was but wasn’t sure. I am sure the small dog experience will continue with love and laughter. We will all be looking forward to it.

  3. congrats….I do hope this time you don’t let the puppy get kicked by the Donkeys…countless times you sais Gus was kicked and I am sure that was not good for his digestive system.

    1. Well, what can I say..it’s a farm, the kick didn’t do him a bit of harm, he just barked at Lulu and licked her on the nose. The puppy will be treated like any other dog, he or she will be a farm dog, not a toy.

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