5 July

Bud Report – 6/5/2018. Six Weeks To Go…

by Jon Katz
News From Bud

Carol Johnson of Friends of Homeless Animals/RI and I are becoming good friends, but  she is not cutting me a bit of slack.

This morning, I had to send off photos of the dog run and the farm and the inside of the farmhouse, so the group can make sure there are no obstacles or big holes in our fence.

Fortunately, our fences were built to contain sheep and donkeys, and there are no holes much of anywhere.

I think this is the final hurdle, I’ve bought houses more easily than this.

Carol also called to warm me of the dangers to dogs from Xylitol, an chemical used in artificial sweeteners and some peanut butter. I assured Carol this is an organic household but I told her I would be vigilant about the Xylitol. You know how much I love warnings. For the love of a dog, we grow and change…

She also has taken paints to point out all of the reasons rescue groups are so pick and demanding. I told her I understand, but I remain concerned that it is getting impossible for the poor and the elderly to rescue and adopt dogs, and that is  shame for them and for dogs.

I like this group, they manage to be efficient, compassionate and hard-assed all at once.  I would recommend them to anyone looking to rescue a dog. They ought not to be casual about where their dogs go, they work very hard to rehabilitate them.

I learned some things about Bud this morning.

Bud is not afraid of fireworks, they were loud and long in Arkansas last night, he didn’t flinch. That’s a good sign, grounded dogs usually can handle loud noises.

He is sweet, but not terribly cuddly. He loves to sleep in the middle of the bed, as many Boston Terriers do.

He does not want to go outside much in the heat (it was 110 degrees in Arkansas yesterday.)

He is mostly housebroken, but was trained on what they call a “pee-pad” something used in apartments mostly in cities to get dogs to pee inside. I’m sure we can get past that easily. Bud will be in a crate for some hours of the day for the first few days until he is safe and acclimated.

He was  terrified of men at first, but that seems to be easing up, he has no fear of the men at the vet.

Bud is sick, he has heartworm, so it’s not clear just how much energy or curiosity he really has. He will be affected by the farm, and certainly by Fate, a high energy dog who loves to play.

She will crank him up some. We are a high energy place, border collies have lived here for years.

I have a hunch Bud will evolve over time here at the farm, but we  have no problems with a mellow dog. Good company for a writer or an artist. I think Gus is looking for a good place to land. He has that old soul look, even for a young dog.

I also know Bud loves to play, Carol mostly has small foster dogs,  Bud likes to groom one of them.

The other news is that Carol thinks Bud will be  ready to come North in about six weeks, once  his heartworm is cleared up. That should bring him here by the end of August, and well before out October Open House on Columbus Day Weekend.

Carol is good at keeping me informed, and I sent her a bunch of books this morning. It is fun to talk with her. More later.

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