8 August

Maria’s New Blog Banner (And Mine)

by Jon Katz

Maria has finished work on the new banner for her blog, Fullmoonfiberart.com, and artist Abrah Griggs  (check out her brilliant work  here) has finished work on mine;

My new banner

Mannix Marketing is re-designing our blogs so they will be simpler for users on new and different platforms to use. Our blogs were designed when most people read them on computers.

Now, most people read them on phones and tablets. We both intend to be relevant and we are especially conscious of graphics and visual images.

My new banner is already up on my Facebook page and will be atop the new Bedlam Farm Journal. It will be simpler and easier to navigate.

The work on Maria’s blog is nearly done and it looks stunning. Mine is a month or so away. In a sense, our banners are our signatures, Abrah nailed my blog perfectly. Maria designed her own, of course.

Thants for sticking with us.


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