29 August

Wow. “You Don’t Have To Die For Me To Be Free…”

by Jon Katz
You Don’t Have To Die To Be Free

Maria showed me this quilt, her new-work-in-progress, this afternoon, and I have to confess it knocked my socks off a bit.

This is a goddess with some punch, and the detail and inventiveness and symbolism really struck me in a new and different way.

I asked Maria what it was about and she wasn’t sure, she had this thought before she started working on it that the people in her life who had made her suffer and treated her poorly did not have to die for  her to be free, she can be free any time she chooses to be free.

“You don’t have to die for me to be free,” she thought.

I am by no means unbiased when it comes to Maria’s work but it has been one of the joys of my life to see her evolution as a brilliant artist with such a strong  feminist point of view. When I look at this goddess, I get a chill, and also a lift.

The detail her is just incredible to me, a very original and unique piece of work.

You don’t have to die to be free, and Maria is now free. You would have to be to create a piece like that, yes?

This piece began as an expression of that, and I think it is  reflected in the energy and detail of this quilt, which is unfinished and not quite yet for sale. If you have any questions or comments about it, you can e-mail her at [email protected] She doesn’t sell her quilts on  Etsy but off of her blog.

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