30 August

Evie’s Angel, Evie’s Joy, Evie’s Pneumonia: Can She Find A Home?

by Jon Katz
Evie’s Angel, Evie’s Joy

Evie is a dog that stretches the boundaries of rescue for me, I can’t imagine myself adopting her, yet I wake up thinking about her and am hoping one of the many dog lovers out there will want to give  her the first loving home of her life.

Not every dog deserves to live forever, often suffering, and at great expense. Very few humans are given that gift.

But I am thinking that Carol Johnson of FOHA/RI is right about her, Evie is not ready to leave the world, she is ready to experience the love of a dog and animal lover with a big heart, and I know many. I am  trying to do some good these days, and I want to do some good for dogs.

Carol and the vet techs call Evie “sweet Evie.” She is a sweet dog.

We’re getting close. Carol Johnson (of the Friends Of Homeless Animals rescue group [email protected]), is handling Evie’s adoption and medical treatment.  She says a half dozen people have called to ask about Evie, but no one has yet asked to adopt her.

An anonymous angel appeared yesterday, a reader of the blog.

Carol told me and made a big donation: “We had a wonderful person who wants to anonymously pay her current vill at the vets. This was over $600. They also will pay for her heartworm treatment. We are over the moon about this. We have many kind donors but this is special. They saw the story you wrote….”

I think I know this person, but will not say.

I do not believe there is only one way to get a dog, nor do I accept that the only more way to get a dog is to rescue one. The only moral way I know of is to get the dog I want and become its steward, offer a healthy, loving and meaningful life.

The best dog to get is the dog you most want. Evie is an admitted wreck, she has suffered every one of her ten years on this earth, yet she is sweet and forgiving, in the way only dogs can be.

I talked with Dr. Jonathan Bradshaw at the South Arkansas Veterinary Clinic this afternoon, he told me that Evie had contracted pneumonia, common in poorly ventilated shelters that are worm and with dogs in close quarters.

He said Evie would recover. She will be fine, it will just take a while.

I asked her if Evie would get healthy enough to be adopted, and  he said yes, absolutely. Evie is the dog that has never known human love, says Carol, she was dumped off in a shelter and was in horrific condition, the photos are almost unbearable to look at. She had no hair and could barely stand up.

Because of her health problems and age, said Carol, she will be a  very difficult job to place. We’ll see what me and my blog are made of.

Under Dr. Bradshaw’s loving treatment, she has made enormous strides already, she is being treated for heart disease, she has a hernia and heartworm.

And now, pneumonia.

It will take about three months to heal her, when she will be able to be transported to a new home (FOHA pays for transport.) The donation request for Evie is $299.

Is there a place in our dog scheme of things for an animal like this?

Is it going too far?

Maria said if Bud weren’t coming, she adopt Evie in a minute. So there must be other people out there would also adopt he and are taking more than a minute.

Late this afternoon Carol posted this message about Evie:

“Sweet Evie is recovering from spay and hernia surgery.  We will begin heartworm treatment as soon as medically appropriate. First step will be 30 days of antibiotics to kill the detris produced by heartworm.”

We’ll see what happens. I know the people who read my blog, and I suspect one of them will want to provide that home,  and wherever she goes, I hope to know how she turned out..

Audio: Thinking Of Evie


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