13 September

Boat Ride: I Am Filled With Gratitude

by Jon Katz
Filled With Gratitude

Like sand in a glass time clock, I filled up with emotion and gratitude on my boat ride with the Mansion staff and residents this afternoon.

I was grateful for the beautiful day, even as a ferocious storm bore down on so many people, Mother Earth warning us one more time to not ignore her wounds.

I was grateful to the Army of Good for giving me the money to take these people on this sun-drenched and  happy excursion.

I was grateful to the brave and determined residents who overcame wheelchairs, walkers, frailty and pain to step outside of themselves and their lives to take a ride with me and one another.

I felt great love and appreciation for Bonnie, Kassi, and Julie, they never stopped working to make this trip worthwhile and fulfilling for the people who came.

I am grateful to those of you who took the time to read my stories and look at my photos, this was a special day foe me and for so many others.

I’m grateful to be a writer, who can try to capture this experience in words.

I am grateful to be a photographer, who can try to tell the story in images.

I am grateful to have a lover and friend who shares my enthusiasm and passion.

This was a day of pure love, community and connection. Much of the time, my heart breaks for these people, the world seems to have left them behind. But not today. The world was good to them, bright and beautiful and full of laughter and promise.

How lucky I am to be able to help make that happen. How lucky they are to have people who love them and watch over them and support them from afar.

So this is what life is about, I thought, this is the power of small acts of great kindness. They can be truly great. Thanks for coming along on this ride, you are most welcome.

“Are you coming to Bingo Friday?” asked Peggie as we left the boat. “Sure thing,” I said. “Not something I care to miss.”


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