13 September

Brother Peter On The Deck

by Jon Katz
Brother Peter On The Deck

Brother Peter is a monk, he lived at the New Skete Monastery for 50 years, he spends most of his time at the Mansion now, he goes to the monastery on weekends. He is a quiet and contemplative man, he has a wicked sense of human and is serious about Bingo.

He plays every Friday and but donates all of his prizes to others. I could see he wanted to go outside on the deck, but he was hesitating. He was concerned about the wind, and he asked if I would walk with him.

We went out together and he took a few steps but the wind was too much for him. Still, I think he greatly enjoyed getting out and seeing Lake George and the big oldĀ  houses on the shore. I am learning to understand the needs of the residents, each one is different, many hide their inner spirits, but not on the boat.

Brother Peter is a spiritual man, I appreciated my time on the deck with him.

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