10 October

Questions For My Radio Show (Already Coming In!)

by Jon Katz
Questions For My Radio Show. Thomas Toscano, Exec Director, WBTN

Tomorrow, Thursday, October 11, from 11 a.m. to noon, we’ll try a test run, a pilot, to see if it makes sense for me to do a one -hour weekly radio show on WBTNAM   called “Talking To Animals.”

I can talk about dogs for hours and hours but I’d love the show to be a conversation, not a lecture, so I hope to get some  questions. There are several easy and free ways to send me questions:

One is to e-mail me, jon@bedlamfarm.com, in advance of the show, as Cynthia has done. I’ll be happy to read and answer your animal questions on the program.

Another way, if you live within listening range of WBTN is to call 802 442-1010. If you live outside the listening range, as the vast majority of people reading this do, you can call the station and ask me a question by calling 866 406-9286.

In addition, people are asking me if the show will be  podcast, i believe so, but I will have to check.

You can also stream the broadcast by going to WBTNAM.org (1370 AM) on your smartphone, pad or computer,  and just click on “live.” Simple as that.

I want to thank Kathleen for being the first member of the Army Of Good to donate to  WBTN, currently struggling to survive in the Corporate Media Nation.

They were grateful to get your donation.

I also want to thank Cynthia Dobbs for being the first person to e-mail me a question to read on the show: “Would you please discuss what you think are essential commands to teach one’s dog?”

Another question followed shortly: “What do you think is the best  way to get a dog?” That could be an hour right there.

A third asked if there is any data on how many dogs are actually abused in America. There is.

Those are good questions and i’ll answer them on the program tomorrow. E-mail questions are a good way for people to connect with me,  especially if they have to work or be outside of their homes during the broadcast.  Or if they are just shy. You can also stream on a smartphone or tablet.

I first learned of Community Radio on my books tours, I loved their energy and interactivity.

Corporate media does not care to give voice to ordinary people, community radio does. Just watch cable news to see what a horror corporate media has made of our civic life.

So I’m signing up to do something for them and something for me. I’ve always wanted my own radio show, and this is also a very good cause.

I’ll be joined tomorrow by Thomas Lawrence Toscano, who will help me run the studio board and get me through the first trial run. He is the Executive Director of WBTN, and is a warrior for Community Radio.

He is working  day and night to keep WBTN going.

He is from the Bronx (enough said.)

Warrior For Radio: Thomas Lawrence Toscano

The station is 96.5 on FM, but they don’t have an FM transmitter yet.

I don’t want to just be talking to myself, although I could talk about dogs and animals forever.

So call or e-mail your questions about dogs, cats, donkeys or any other animals. Live stream the show if you  can and wish to. And feel free to live stream. It’s free and simple to do. It just takes one click right here.

And if you want to talk to me or ask a question or propose a topic, just call 866 406-9286. It’s free. So is my e-mail address: jon@bedlamfarm.com

And if you like what you hear, please consider sending a donation to WBTM. You can donate right here. I’ve suggested that the station set up an Amazon Wish List to help with their urgent needs.

We can’t buy them the new FM transmitter they need (I don’t think we can) but we can help in many other ways.

They’re working on it.




  1. My dog is afraid of loud sounds – has been since he was a pup. I can’t cough or sneeze without having him run out of the room, all 100 lbs. of him. Do you know of any way to de-sensitize him? He’s a mixed breed – part Mastiff, part GSD, with some other breeds thrown in.Thought this might be a good question for your new show.

  2. Tried to listen live and unfortunately the station can’t be streamed outside the U.S. Too bad, I was looking forward to it.

  3. Jon, Our 17 month old Black Lab, is afraid to go down a flight of stairs, even though he can go up the stairs up, and down 11 of 12 stairs down. He has never gone down from the top step. The first 7 months of his life he lived on one floor, after the move to a 2 story home, this became an obstacle for us all.
    Any suggestions, as to what we should do, we live in a split level home, so he is able to access both floors from the outside. 🐾🐾😳 Jean

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