17 October

Red At Work, Morning Graze

by Jon Katz

Red at work is a beautiful and inspiring thing to see. He is faithful to his work, and also proud and dignified Sometimes, he is content to sit and watch over the sheep.

On this beautiful fall morning, he stood guard while they grazed, always ready to move. Dogs have been doing this work for thousands of years, it is always a beautiful thing to see.


    1. Gustave, if you are on a laptop or computer, just hold Ctrl and then your minus sign (-) to make the photo a little smaller.


      1. I shouldn’t have to. That also shrinks the words, which doesn’t work with my eyesight. It’s a shame Jon sacrificed his desktop users for the sake of his mobile users. Both should be served (and can be with modern web design).

        1. Gustave, very sorry you feel that way, I have received many kind words from scores of desktop users who love the new design. I have never sacrificed a reader to anything.But if the blog is to survive, we have to recognize that mobile and tablet uses are not only the future they are the present. More than 60 per cent of the people reading the blog are smartphone users, and the blog was very difficult for them to read. Just check the comments..so many are grateful. Scrolling down a page is not the end of the world, and eyesight was very much in the designers minds. I wish I could make everyone happy, so sorry you are not. I’m glad you understand Web design better than the Web designers who do this every day. They don’t know how to do it. I do intend to survive and be relevant.

  1. Jon, I am on my lap top and see the whole picture. This picture is stunning, a quintessential fall picture – frame quality for sure.

    Sorry I missed your show – I will definitely try again next week. My question was about leash aggression. My sister’s dog goes crazy aggressive while on her leash when she sees other dogs. I have had to snatch the dog up by her harness to keep us and the other dog safe. This dog doesn’t care about treats or food – I have tried distracting her with it. I am stumped!!! This dog is my sister’s “child” so, she is not exactly firm with the dog. I can be firm with the dog, but don’t think I am doing it right. Would love to hear your advice.

    1. Then you ought to know, Gustave, that this is a common problem that occurs when websites are re-designed, and one that can be fixed,..they are working on it right now. It isn’t all done instantly, and when bugs appear, they are addressed. I’m surprised you don’t know that.

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