17 October

Teaching Bud To Stay, Day Three

by Jon Katz


Teaching Bud to stay, day three. For an 18-month old dog who was never trained at all, and who lived in a metal pen outdoors for most of his life, Bud is doing well. Terriers are distractable, hyper-vigilant dogs. They are also bright, and food-oriented, things to work with.

This is the third day of training But to “stay,” an important calming training. Dogs usually know how to do everything but nothing, and people tend to arouse and overdo playing, and exercising and chasing things.

I get small biscuits and break them into small pieces. (Dogs don’t know the difference). I love training dogs, it is not about obedience, it is a spiritual experience. It is about showing them how to live safely and lovingly in a sometimes hostile world.

That arouses the dogs, and a grounded dog must also learn to be calm. They know how to be crazy. By training every day, I am establishing a close relationship with Bud, teaching him to look at me and listen to me, and also helping to calm him down.

When he came, he was hyper-aroused and excited, every day, he is setting in. Every day we practice sitting and staying – next is lie down, the toughest for dominant dogs like Bud.

I have a long way to go. Bud will stay for about 45 seconds. A dog does not know “stay” until he or she will remain still for three minutes. I have a good long ways to go.

Unlike the TV shows, training is not simple or quick. It takes time and patience and focus. I also use visualizations with Bud, they help. I imagine the outcome I want.

You can see from the videos how smart and responsive Bud is, how is learning and responding. Come and seem. I’m pleased. Much more work to do.


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