7 November

Karaoke Time: A 32 inch Samsung Screen Is Here

by Jon Katz

I’m assembling the Karaoke music machine for the Mansion. Yesterday, I realized the built-in screen on the machine, which works very well otherwise, is too small for the Mansion residents.

So I called B&H photo and they were kind and helpful to me, a Samsung 32 inch monitor (it’s a TV really) arrived today, it cost  $277.

All the reviews say the Samsung screen is the best.

I’m going to try to connect it to the Karaoke machine tomorrow or Friday and bring it over to the Mansion for a trial run. It should be easy to see for the residents.

I’ve got several residents lined up, including Madeline, a 93-year-old former actor from the Bronx. She loves to belt out Broadway show tunes. I plan to sing on the machine myself, I got hooked the other day when we first set it up.

The first official unveiling of the machine will be on November 28, Army Of Good Commander Lo Ann Sanders is coming with her own Army of Good, they’re bringing cookies.

Maria and I hope to organize a performance in next Monday or Tuesday. There is some growing excitement at the Mansion about Karaoke. I think it will be great for the residents.

Brace yourself for some challenging videos. I think we have everything we need now, including all of the appropriate cables.

I believe this machine to be important. Voices rising in song.

As part of my Mansion Aides Recognition Month, I’ve ordered 13 holiday boxes for the aides (I can’t yet reveal the contents). It’s something they and their families can eat.

We’ll distribute the boxes just before or after Thanksgiving.

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