8 November

Thinking Of Joan

by Jon Katz

I’m thinking of Joanie, this week, recovering from a fall in a Glens Falls, N.Y., nursing home. She is doing well, working hard to regain her mobility. I hope to see her again over the next few days, I just wanted to send some ripples of love and hope to her.

I hope to send a good ripple out into the world. Come home,  Joanie.


  1. I have missed your capturing of her sparkling eyes and her big smile through your photos. I hope she is recovering nicely and I am hopeful (cautiously optimistic) that she will be able to return to the Mansion at some point in the near future. She is a dear and I have come to love her very much
    Susan M

  2. My heart is hopeful that she will be able to return to the Mansion, her anchor. Sending her love and a speedy recovery.

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