5 December

The RISSE Amazon Wish List

by Jon Katz

The new RISSE Amazon Wish List has only 18 items left, and I thank the Army Of Good, a nation with big hearts, for whittling the list down every day.

The list is deliciously diverse, it ranges from soccer shorts to dictionaries to yoga mats to reading programs. The items range from $7 to $35 to warm winter clothes and socks.

The list is impressive and varied – and revealing.

It has been compiled by the teachers in the RISSE after school program. They know better than anyone what these children – refugees and immigrants – need.

I don’t need to tell you that this is a difficult time for refugees and immigrants in America. Many suffered greatly to come here, and are suffering greatly trying to live here.

The aid and subsidy programs that helped them adjust to America are cut or gone. RISSE is one of the few places they can turn to for help.

We are another.

I am happy to support the RISSE Wish List, and I am so happy so many of you feel the same way. This is a wonderful way to do good without arguing about what good is.

It is a wonderful way to show these children and their parents that many of us welcome them in America, and are grateful to be given the chance to help them.

This money goes straight to the refugees and their children, no middle-men, no administrators, no waiting for boards of directors to vote.

Thanks for helping, you can take a look at the list here. I start every morning by buying a single item, sometimes two or three. It is the most wonderful way to get the tone for my day.

I  believe in taking direct action to help people other than myself. It is selfish, in a way. Small acts of great kindness.

It makes me feel as good or better than I  have ever felt.

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