7 December

Red Watches Out For Maria

by Jon Katz

Red is not going outruns any longer, probably for good. But he still finds ways to work and help out. Every morning, Maria and I start the day doing farm chores.

I usually take care of the water (and take photos) and she brings the hay out, she loves to nurture and feed the animals. At times, this gets raucous.

In the cold, the animals are hungry in the morning, the sheep sometimes rush towards the hay and sheep are wide and low, they can take somebody down at the knees in a flash without even trying. That can be dangerous.

We do not need torn ligaments. Red has always moved to confront this trouble, usually without being asked. He instinctively puts himself between the sheep and Maria and keeps them off of her.

At the feeders, he keeps the sheep off to the left while the donkeys eat their hay on the right. This also keeps order. Today, the sheep started moving towards Maria and Red moved forward in his best don’t-mess-with-me stance, and the sheep froze and waited politely until Maria brought her hay out.

This is also very healthy for Red, it permits him to work without running, or straining his back.

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