17 December

For Sale: The Dragon Quilt And It’s Special Meaning

by Jon Katz

Maria has finished a striking new quilt, the Dragon Quilt, it is now for sale for $400 plus $20 shipping and up on her Etsy Shop.

Maria checked with Wendy at the Post Office and there is still time to get this home for yourself or someone else for Christmas. Christmas  delivery is guaranteed through Wednesday.

In the video, Maria explains the special meaning of the Dragon Quilt, inspired by a panic attack over her forthcoming Belly Dancing performance, and by some old dresses sent to her some years ago.

She has an amazing stash of fabrics (she also steals my clothes whenever she needs some blue, so I am literally a piece of her art.)

In the video, she describes what the dragon symbol means to her, how it is something to slay but also something that offers protection. Come and see and hear her talk about it in her own words, and how she put the quilt together.

You can see it or buy it right now on her Etsy Shop or you can e-mail her: [email protected]. Below, Maria talks about the quilt in the audio bar below.

I am biased, of course, but when I stood close to the quilt in her studio this morning, I felt some true power and strong energy coming from this art work. Fate and Bud also co-star in this little movie.

Go see the Dragon Quilt here.

Listen To Audio From Maria:

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