11 January

Answered Prayers: Good News From The Mansion

by Jon Katz

Good news. Perhaps someone was listening today.

The residents are coming home soon.

It doesn’t make sense to me that prayers always work, if that were true, there would be no bad news. I sometimes feel that good energy works and moves through the ether, but I’m not sure of that either.

Either way, I offered a prayer for the Mansion residents and their families and the staff this morning, and invited everyone out there to join, perhaps the state regulators were listening.

By the end of the day, the Mansion had  passed a battery of what are believed to be final tests, and are now free to begin the process of returning the residents to the Mansion. If any group is capable of generating good energy, it would be the Army Of Good.

There remains some work to be done, I don’t know the details and it isn’t my business.

I am told that this  could take a few days or up to a week, nobody knows exactly how long. This is very happy news. A failing asbestos test would have been a nightmare for the Mansion and its residents. And the familes are drained from their worries and disruptions.

What does seem certain is that the residents will be coming home soon, and I thank all of you for our prayers and good wishes and support. This was a remarkable week.

I went to the Danforth tonight to sit with the residents while they had their dinner, it was a glum and virtually silent group at the table. They need to get home.

One of the state regulators has apparently complained that I shouldn’t be at the Danforth since I didn’t ask for permission to go there.

I will be going there every day unless someone throws me out. I have full permission to see the Mansion residents and photograph them, and I would not, of course, take a picture of anyone who didn’t agree in advance. I’m not looking to take photos of the Danforth residents, that would be inappropriate.

Let them throw  me out, it’s been awhile since I was tossed from anyplace. I’ll be there tomorrow morning ot read some stories.

(I had a very successful visit to the Hackett Middle School in Albany, Friday afternoon, and met a remarkable young woman named Eh K Pru, she is an eighth grader fro Myanmar, and has spent much of her life in refugee camp. She is an honor student,  impressive and much loved. Her teacher Kathy Faso talked to me about what a wonderful student Eh K Pru, how bright, hard-working and social.

We are going to get to work getting her a full scholarship to the Albany Academy. I’ll write about this on Monday.)

It was a good day today, I am tired but very happy. The residents will be delighted and relieved to lean they are going home soon. They just have to get through another week.

Tonight, Maria and I went to the Mansion to call the Friday night Bingo Game. There were only a handful of people present, but I had fun trying to call out the numbers with my opera voice. There was a lot of laughing. They might just throw me out first.

It was a long day, I’m tired. More later. Thanks.


  1. What a Rollercoaster ride you’ve been on. Maybe we should be sending you some dramamine along with our donations.

  2. This may be too controversial a comment for the blog, Jon, but I decided to submit it anyway. From a personal perspective, the last year has been the worst of my life and it’s caused me to change my opinions in terms of God and prayer. I think that if the act of praying brings you comfort or makes life’s problems easier to bear, then it’s a good thing and by all means you should do it. But as far as prayers being “answered” is concerned, I’ve come to the conclusion that God wears hearing aids and He has them turned off most of the time. As I said, if the comment might open a can of worms for the blog, no hard feelings. Have a good weekend.

    1. Daryl, I respect your feelings, I’m sorry you feel that way but you certainly are not to controversial to be heard. I wish you well.

  3. Perhaps the State regulator is afraid of you! You may write something about them and their process that makes them look incompetent. Ha! I say, if they’re doing their job, they have nothing about which to worry. Goobers. The Army of Good needs their General!!! I am super glad the Residents will be home soon…prayers answered? I don’t know either. I don’t think of God as a cosmic vending machine. I do think positive energy works on many levels!!

  4. Residents have rights to whomever they invite to visit them. The only way to combat defensive and bureaucratic administrators is to throw the regs at them. Yesterday I sat for an hour with a doctor and an attorney who is the LEGAL GUARDIAN of a nursinghome resident while the facility sent numerous staff to question whether the LEGAL GUARDIAN could see the resident’s chart and have her community dr. see it. All of which was being done to determine my clients needs and best plan for her discharge.

    That being said, some states are panicking about dogs (and birds) and having all the vet records.(Not just vaccinations, but fecal tests). I’m sure Red is a “certified” visitor at The Mansion, and their records should suffice.

  5. This is exciting news!! The residents get to return to the Mansion, and there is another bright student that hopefully will get a chance for quality higher education. I’ll keep helping.
    Not getting preachy–I’m a newly retired Ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church. I believe in the ‘power of prayer,’ but I also agree with Karla that God is not ‘a cosmic vending machine.’

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