11 January

I’m Offering A Prayer For The Mansion. Come Along If You Wish

by Jon Katz

I almost never pray, I am not conventionally religious. Even when I was being wheeled into open heart surgery, I didn’t pray to any God. I simple asked the fates to let me see Maria and my daughter (they were waiting) when I came out the other side. And I did.

I’ve learned that a spiritual life belongs to each of us, not to any one church or faith.

Today, I woke up and was drawn to pray for the Mansion, for the residents, the staff and the families. They are in my head and dreams.

This water and damage drama has gone on for more than a week now, and I can see the toll it’s taking  on the aides, who miss their residents, George, the Mansion owner,  and on the residents themselves, who are increasingly depressed, confused and bewildered.

Their building is dry and clean, and ready for them to return. Everyone says so. I  respect the work that the state authorities have done, I can see much of it was necessary.  But the work that needs to be done has been done, and  it’s time to move forward. I don’t care to fall into the trap of hating and blaming government, I’m sure their workers are acting in good faith.

But at this point, the Mansion is safe. The residents come first.

At this most fragile time of life, they have been upended, their lives turned upside down at a time when they most need stability and compassion. It’s time to get these people home.

And I won’t lie to you,  this is wearing on me as well, it keeps me up at night. It is hard to watch.

But I’m not a resident or an aide or member of anyone’s family.

It’s my job to help, not to need help, but I’ll step out of myself and offer a prayer for the Mansion, it is a time of great need for this community. So join me if you wish, you can pray to any God or no God, or just to the universe in general, or the fates, is what I most often do. But that’s a personal choice, not for me to dictate. I generally pray to the Light, as the Quakers taught me.

I have come to believe in the power of good energy:

Dear Fates, this morning I ask for you to hold these people up to the Light. They are deserving of your attention and compassion. Please let the people in power lift their shut down of this facility and permit the laborers to complete their work.

These are your children and our children, and they are in need. They are vulnerable and dependent on us. We are called to speak on their behalf.

Several of them have already taken ill in their temporary home, it is not the place for them, it is not where they wish to be, it is not where they should be. Please bring them home.

I ask you to life the spirits of the dedicated people who work at the Mansion, their souls are fraying, their hearts are breaking. Please give them the strength and courage to stay hopeful and see the joy in their work, even now.

Most of all, I ask you to hold the residents of the Mansion in the light. They are good, hard-working people,  they have struggled with life all of their lives, and now, they sit on the edge of life, so few days ahead of them, so many struggles in every hour. They are deserving of peace.

There is pain we can’t avoid, and there is suffering we can avoid. Please honor this difference and end their needless suffering.

A good and loving and safe home is sitting empty, waiting for them, there are people they know and trust ready to love and care for them.

I pray for you to collect all this energy – from the Mansion, the staff, the families, the residents themselves, the  Army of Good, me and Maria, and let them come home.

Tonight, we will go to the Mansion and host a bingo game for the four residents who remain there. I pray that by then, we will all know when the residents are coming home.

Thanks much for listening.


  1. It is painful to hear about this situation. I’ve been praying. Looking forward to good news for all concerned. It will be a sweet homecoming. Loving thoughts to all.

  2. In the Bible John 8:12 Jesus says “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness. But will have the light of life.”

  3. I pray with you, but to my Heavenly Father. Perhaps to give him a name is debatable, although he said his name is holy. The name he gave himself is I am, or I exist. Have you called your local state legislators? I don’t know who yours are, but if you tell us their names, I will call or email them. I am sure others will as well.

  4. sending a special prayer for these special people to be able to return *home*. I think of them every day and look forward to their return to normalcy and the love they are accustomed to from the dedicated staff
    Susan M

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