12 January

Bonnie & Clyde Of Bedlam Farm

by Jon Katz

Bedlam Farm has its own Bonnie and Clyde, Bud, not a happy dog, and Fate, always a Hellion, have teamed up to wreak their own havoc on our quiet little farm. They go charging outside, bark at the donkeys and the sheep, tear off together in the pasture.

In the farmhouse, they hide their toys and chews, steal from one another, wrestle and chase each other under the table. I am working to bring more calm to this pair, but I have my work cut out for me. I have two dogs who know how to have fun, and are determined to have some.

I can’t say I’m not happy to see this, with dogs like this, training is never done, it just pops up here and there. I’m happy to have happy dogs. These two are partners in crime for sure.


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