13 January

Dog Love: Bud And Red In The Night

by Jon Katz

When the arctic cold fronts come in, we let Bud sleep in bed, he’s small enough, so there’s room for the three of us. He loves to curl up next to us, especially in the dark. When the sun comes up, he gets up and is ready to get outside.

This morning, he hopped off the bed and it was quiet. Red sleeps on a mat right next to my side of the bed, he rarely moves or stirs. I sat up to look for Bud and I found that he had curled up next to Red, and the two of them were sleeping comfortably together.

Bud seems to adore Red, and Red accepts him and seems to love his presence and company.

When Red was sick, Bud would not leave his side.

The two of them spent an hour curled up like that in a ball in the early morning chill. I think Red is very happy to have Bud close to  him. If he wasn’t, he would let him know.

Dog love is different than people love, I believe, it is understated. This is one of the ways dogs show their love for one another. I love seeing this connection, an aging dog with a great heart, and a battered young dog with his loving heart intact. A perfect fit in so many ways.

Bud’s friendship with Red is touching and affirming to me, it always gives me hope.

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