13 January

Love Your Country Today: The Amazon RISSE Wish List

by Jon Katz

RISSE is a refugee support and information center based in Albany, day in and day out, they do more to help refugees and their children than any organization I know of. Every day, I love my country by going to their  new RISSE Amazon Wish List and supporting the boys and girls in their after school program.

This list focuses on young women and their sports and culture.

It also seeks educational materials like paper and dictionaries for their after school program. I begin every day by something off of that list, I hope you will also take a look at it and support our wonderful country and its values.

If you  wish to stay grounded and hopeful in these wrenching times, this list is a good way to do it. Try and see, it sure works for me. There are 12 items on the list, 14 are already gone.

These people have suffered enough, they have all come here legally and risked their lives to do it. They work hard every day. They are not criminals, rapists or drug dealers.

Most have spent years in refugee camps, they are deserving our support, and our country needs us know to show the way to compassion and empathy.

Take a look at the RISSE Amazon Wish List  of you are so inclined, and thanks.

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