13 January

Spraying And Scraping

by Jon Katz

Spraying and Scraping. I do most of the Spraying, Maria does most of the Scraping, then we switch back and forth. We have all of the wallpaper layers off, the room is a mess and we cracked the bed headboard when we moved it.

Next is cleaning up the walls, picking out some colors, sanding the rough spots, priming the walls and then painting. We are a week or so away, I think. I think one of the walls should have a different color than the rest, which will be green. Maria disagrees, she has a vision of the room in her head as a cozy gave.

We’ll sort it out. I’m heading out to search for VH videos for the Mansion Refugees in the Danforth Care Center. They are bored and discouraged, and one of the aides found a VH recorder. These videos are hard to find, I am told there is a bin filled with them at Wal-Mart’s in Bennington. I’m heading there now.

Maria wants to read and I am anxious to relieve the resident’s boredom, it is acute. We’ll meet back in the bedroom in a bit. I’m making a goat and cheese (with spinach leaves)  pizza tonight. I’ll put up a photo and the recipe, it’s pretty great.


    1. Thanks Nora, but we have plenty for now, and it’s not clear how long the residents will be staying where they are…no shortage of movies, I brought a bunch today, thanks for the thought.

  1. Jon, just saying that Maria is right. Green sucks the light out of a room. It’s great outdoors, but you have to be careful with green indoors. 😉 (and you know Maria will win in the end anyway….)

  2. Kudos to Maria! I can’t be trusted to paint anything indoors. To say I’m messy is an understatement. The most ambitious painting I do is the backyard fence and that’s because the paint that I spill on the grass disappears the next time I mow😂

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