13 January

Today: The Cold, The Mansion Refugees, The Scraping

by Jon Katz

My days are full, I guess that is the way I like them, because that is the way they are.

It is bitter cold here, bone-crunching and relentless. Even the border collies have no desire to go outside.

First, we will go to the hardware store and look at paint patches for the bedroom. My wife is determined to finish the wallpaper scraping today and that means a lot of spraying for me.

I want to go see the Mansion Refugees and help reassure them that they will be back home soon.

I want to write about Eh K’Pru Shee Wah, the remarkable young woman from Burma/Myanmar who spent 10 years in a refugee camp and who is applying to the Albany Academy and seeking a full scholarship. We are hoping to make that happen. I’ll write about her later today or tomorrow, I am very excited after meeting with her, she is impressive and deserving.

And then, scraping and scraping. Maria is on fire, no stopping her now or getting in the way. Going outside hurts, this kind of cold gets my angina moving. I’ll be inside a lot.

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