11 February

A Remarkable Portrait of Fate. On the Ice

by Jon Katz

Maria went out in the woods today with Fate, as she does every day, and stopped with her Iphone Macro lens attachment to take a picture of the hole in the ice over a stream we often visit. Fate always wants to know what Maria is doing, she always sticks her nose in to see what is happening.

Maria didn’t realize until she looked at the photograph on her phone that Fate’s face was reflect in the water rushing right beneath the hole in the ice.

The center of the photo was dark, and I was able to lighten the image of Fate in my Aperture photo program. I thought it was an amazingly creative photograph – no surprise from Maria – and a wonderful portrait of a dog reflected in nature. It also captures the closeness of Fate and Maria, the two are sisters of the woods.


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