11 February

New Amazon Mansion Wish List: Soap And Shampoo

by Jon Katz

Friends, a number of you have asked if we could put up an Amazon Mansion Wish List to make it easier for some of you to purchase some of the soap and shampoo products the residents need and are running low on. So we did.

There are four items on the list, ranging in price from $6.95 to $32, they are for soaps, shampoo, body wash, and nutritive hair conditioner – all things the residents need and use.

Some of the Army Of Good heroes have already notified me that soap and shampoo is on the way, from different parts of the country.

The Wish List will make it possible for people to buy small amounts of soap and shampoo and have Amazon ship in. I’ve learned that there are many people in the world who love to buy soap and shampoo for people who need it and ship it. They can do that also.

The Mansion’s resident water crisis and evacuation seems to have nearly wiped out the residents supplies of soap, body wash and hair conditioner. I brought some that ought to last a few days, other people are sending these supplies by Fedex, UPS or USPS, they will be arriving all week.

So now, another way for people to help. My guess is that with this list, we’ll be set for awhile, but I’ll monitor it and keep you posted. I learned a couple of years ago that some of the residents run of their monthly allowances before the end of the mont, the the Mansion aides were buying soap and shampoo for them out of their own pockets.

And some of the residents, I know, are too proud to ask for this kind of help or discuss personal hygiene. These are people who worked all of their lives and always took care of themselves.

Fortunately, the aides keep an eye on these supplies, they also know when someone is in need.

We did put  a stop to that practice and I am happy and grateful to have found a better way.  I thank you all for being there, as usual. The Wish List will make helping with this issue even simple for some. You can see the new Amazon Mansion Wish List here.

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