21 February

Morning Light, Chinese Food

by Jon Katz

There is a magic moment between night and day up here, if I am lucky and alert, I can sometimes catch it, although it is rare to be ready when the moment comes. It came this morning, the dark and blue/black stormy night was clearing at the other end of the valley, the sun would soon break through that beautiful  hole.

I think I was in the right place at the right time, I even caught the frost on the chair and the stick in the ground. This always seems a mystical transformation to me. Today I’m going over to the town’s only Chinese restaurant to fulfill a promise I made to the Mansion aides when everyone moved back after the flooding:  that I would treat them to Chinese food meal to honor their hard work.

I brought Chinese food to the residents so they could celebrate their return, but it has been much harder to get a list from the aides, they are scattered and busy. Finally got the list yesterday and I’ll bring the food over at noon.

I was so uplifted by the morning light. It inspired me to make an all-veggie pizza for Maria tonight when she returns exhausted from belly dancing class.

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