14 March

Mansion Meditation

by Jon Katz

Today is my second Meditation Class at the Mansion. When I undertake something like this, I want to concentrate on it and do it well. I want to pay attention, and give it my full attention in a distracted world.

I have been reading about meditation, studying and preparing for my class. We’ll do five to ten minutes of silence. I brought meditation beads for everyone who participates. I believe between six and eight people will come.

I’m going to talk about peacefulness and acceptance, about how meditation can help us accept who we are in life. I want to talk about the Eternal Now, and the value of living in the moment when one is nearing the edge of life.

The Mansion residents need peaceful and nourishing spaces, I can feel their interest in meditation. I know this is as much a gift to me as it is to them.

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