15 March

Getting Ready For Brooklyn: Grandfathering

by Jon Katz

Sunday, I’m heading for Brooklyn for two days to do some overdue Grandfathering, a new and curious role for me. Lots of people have great certainty about Grandparenting, not me.

I’m looking forward to it, I think it will fun and fulfilling, and I’ve brought some good stuff with me – a kid’s guitar, a DVD player, some books and DVD’s. Also a stuffed owl.

I won’t be blogging from there, I want to concentrate on what I’m doing, but I’ll be back homeTuesday afternoon. I’ll be taking pictures.

I do NOT wish to be one of those grandfathers who show up with tons of presents and overwhelm everybody. I’ve thought about these books, they are creative tools for a creative two-year-old.

What I know about Robin is mostly from photos and videos that Emma has been diligent and thoughtful enough to send me. Emma wants me to get to know Robin, she thinks we are good match.

I know that Robin is smart, that she has a sense of humor, a strong will, and a ready smile. And yes, she is cute, as I imagine all grandchildren are to their grandparents.  I know that she can also be defiant and challenging. Much like her mother.

The last time we saw one another, which was months ago, Robin and I definitely clicked, we each sparked the devil in the other.

I’ll also get to meet Sandy, the new dog, I hear she is sweet and lively.

I went online tonight and got three tickets to the Frida Kahlo Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum for Monday,  I got some of the last few available. Almost the entire day is sold out.

Robin will join Emma and me. I wish Maria could be with us, as she is a great admirer of Kahlo’s, but she and I will see the show when it tours, which will be soon.

Maria isn’t coming to Brooklyn with me, she’s watching the farm and has a lot of work she wants to do.

I will miss her, we have rarely been apart the past eight or nine years.  We each have our own lives, and that’s important and  healthy. It’s time to spend some time with Emma, and with Robin. Emma and Jay are wonderful parents, and I have an apartment to stay in right in their building.

I’ll be taking the train down Sunday morning, coming back Tuesday. I’m bringing music and two books, and my black and white monochrome camera.  Brooklyn is perfect for black and white. I think I’ll bring the 50 mm lens, or maybe a portrait lens.

I got a new blue duffel bag from L.L. Bean to travel with. I’m ready.


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