25 March

Spring Sky. Photo For Sale

by Jon Katz

What I like about this photo is that it captures the arrival of the Spring Sky, the Vernal Equinox at work, an earlier sun, a brighter sun, a rich blue sky.

This is not a winter sky, the first Spring Sky it captures the wondrous moment of transition between the two. That blue only comes in Spring, the summer is whiter, the winter sky paler. And the faithful Red, as always, is on the job.

The photo is for sale, it will be on Maria’s Etsy Shop this evening, Monday.

It is for sale for $125 plus $6 shipping, fine art print, signed and unframed, Hahnemulhle Photo Rag, 100 per cent cotton acid free paper, archival ink.

You can see it and buy it on Etsy, or if you prefer an alternative kind of payment, please e-mail Maria and maria@fullmoonfiberart.com.

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