5 April

Psst! Get Ready For The “Katz And Wulf On Bedlam” Podcast

by Jon Katz

Maria and I sat down this morning to record our first official podcast. It was a bit bumpy at the outset – I was coughing a lot (I’m on antibiotics for a sinus infection) but then we got comfortable and it went well, or so we think.

Mannix Marketing is helping us insert a musical intro and close – we chose Van Morrison’s “Bright Side Of The Road,” the same theme I used in my radio show, “Talking To Animals.”

Spreaker and Itunes will be connected to our podcast and it will be offered weekly and for free. We are both very excited about it, on this one, we talked about the decision to skip an Open  House in October this year for the first time in seven years.

We talked about creativity, animals, Bud, Maria’s art and creativity and a bit about our lives together. We are still feeling our way, and we aren’t editing or polishing up the podcast, you hear it just as we recorded it, we aren’t going corporate.

The final polished version will be up sometime next week. But I thought it might be fun for the blog readers to get first crack, feedback is welcome, [email protected] or [email protected]

The podcasts will be available in a podcast library page that will be added to my blog. It will also be listed in all of the major podcast libraries, including Google, Spreaker and Itunes.

This is a big step for us, our first joint creative project. Maria and I are close but we keep our work very separate from one another. I rarely visit her studio, and she only comes into my office to water some flowers.

But we are very comfortable talking to one another, we do it all the time. I think we covered a lot of ground we’ll smooth it out over time.

This one is about 23 minutes long.

The podcasts are free to you, but we might permit some ads to pay the costs to us. If you like it and wish to donate to either us, that would be fine.

If you wish, get the jump on the wider world and come and listen.

First podcast (without music or a permanent site) We are feeling our way, took us a few minutes, but we got it going.

Audio: Volume 2, Katz and Wulf On Bedlam.


  1. I loved this so much—you two are naturals together and whatever glitches you thought there were did not take away from its charm, ease, flow and interest. A smart, wandering, meaningful conversation with creativity at its heart is just the best, isn’t it?

    1. Thanks Patricia, it is the best and we are loving it and committed to it, a natural thing for the two of us, it’s what we do all the time. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. Thanks for the good words, Kimberly, we are excited about it, it seems a comfortable thing for us..

  2. This was just lovely, Jon and Maria! You’re both quite natural, genuine and thoughtful and respectful. I look forward to more podcasts!!!!!!

  3. When I was a kid I loved sitting down by the radio and listening
    to all kinds of programs. It was a special time and it brought so many people and experiences into my life. Listening to it was a cozy time. This podcast brings me back to that time when I felt safe and wrapped up in the words and voices in what came over the airwaves. This makes me feel the same way. Your podcast is spontaneous and warm with friendly, loving conversation welcoming the listeners into your home/lives. Over the years, I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you.

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