7 April

Podcast Sign-In Decision: (Come And Listen)

by Jon Katz

(We went to Jean’s diner in Hoosick Falls this morning, Church had just gotten out and the restaurant was mobbed. The pancakes are great.)


Maria and I sat down this morning to figure out what our new podcast sign-in should be. We went back and forth for 10 or 15 minutes, and decided to post the discussion as a podcast itself.

It was fun for us, and shows pretty clearly how Maria and I work things out. And playing it back, it had us laughing. This is a portrait of us, for sure.

The final sign-on would be: “Greetings From Bedlam Farm, a place where hope, encouragement and creativity grow like flowers in a garden: I’m Jon Katz. Maria Wulf: And I’m Maria Wulf. Welcome To Our Podcast.”

We are sharing every part of this process with you, and a reminder. For some reason, the sound cut out at the very end, but there was less than a minute left. Stuff happens.

Audio: Maria and I put together a sign-in for our podcast.



      1. I never heard a donkey braying, it cuts off for me abruptly. So I guess I read your mind.

        Then I read you will have them braying so it is ALL GOOD!!

  1. It has been fun to listen to this lively, fun creation segment of your introduction piece. I’ll be watching to see if “donkeys braying” make the cut. I didn’t know a thing about donkeys until I started listening to your blog, Jon.
    I’ve grown very fond of them and would truly like to meet one and get to do some petting and treat-giving. Will be a podcast and radio show visitor for sure. (and of course who could every forget the hearty blast of Simon’s braying!?)

  2. Great to hear you two create the intro to this podcast. It’s obvious you’re enjoying the rapport. To Vella: I’ve discovered some donkeys and horses on a farm nearby and have been taking them (with the owner’s permission) apples and carrots. It’s fun to see them nudge each other aside to be first in line for the treats. They love to have their ears scratched, too. Hope you can find some, too.) Keep it up, Jon and Maria; you’re doing so much good in this world!

  3. This is the best rehearsal I’ve ever heard. What’s great about it is that your audience really gets to see how these things develop. The spontaneity is infectious and will encourage so many to listen. Is there a way that you could work in the idea of the peaceable kingdom? I love that concept.
    Could you include the idea that hope and encouragement flourish instead of grow?
    Please forgive me if I seem pushy, but this whole dialogue is so stimulating that it even tends to nudge my own love of words.

    1. Thanks so much Jane, a great and thoughtful bit of feedback. I have to be honest, though, being spontaneous means not reading from a script or using other people’s language. Grow sounds right to me, flourish is more subjective, I’m sure the Peaceable Kingdom will work its way in there some day, but it will have to be natural and organic, not scripted. You are not being pushy, we want the feedback. But we are also committed to just being ourselves, we’re not going to read to script or requests…stay tuned and plse keep the feedback coming..

  4. Great podcast! You two are just adorable. It’s wonderful how you take every opportunity to grow & inspire others. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. It brightens our day!

    1. I think we’re all set now, Joan thanks…Greetings from Bedlam Farm, where creativity, hope and encouragement flourish. I’m Jon Katz, I’m Maria Wulf. Welcome to our Podcast (then a donkey bray)

  5. Love this interaction! Can’t wait to listen to the podcast! Maybe the donkey braying could be the sign off? Just a thought

  6. You two have such wonderful banter and enjoy each other so. I can’t wait to listen to more of your podcast. It’s delightful.

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