14 April

The Ram And The Boston Terrier

by Jon Katz

I’ve been working with dogs and sheep for more than 15 years now, but almost every day I see something I’ve never seen before and did not expect to see. Liam is our wether, a big and strong-willed ram who will butt Red and Fate every chance he gets and battle every effort to move his block.

He was lying down in the pasture today and Bud came waltzing over to him, I worried Liam would but him or stomped him, but Liam seemed pleased to have Bud touch his nose and sniff him.

Bud simply has no fear, or no common sense, depending on how you look at it. The two touches noses for awhile, and Liam never bothered to get  up, which he does if Red is within 10 yards.

Liam can be grumpy and assertive, and he doesn’t care to be sniffed or nuzzled. I sure wouldn’t try it. Bud didn’t hesitate.

Then Bud moved away to bark at the donkeys. I wonder what his way-back breeding history might be, there must be another breed or two in there.

I don’t know where Bud is doing with all of this, but it is a  wonder to watch and wonder.

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