15 April

Bud And Suzy

by Jon Katz

Suzy seems to have become attached to Bud, he seeks her out in the pasture, approaches her gently, and touches noses, as many animals so when they wish to show affection. I no longer have any idea what Bud is up to out there, but his willingness and ability to get to know individual sheep fits into his personality.

For all that Bud can disrupt things and wreak some havoc, he has a big heart and tends to love the animals in our Peaceable Kingdom. I can hardly describe him as peaceable, yet there is a sense that he comes to love the animals once he knows they live here.

We’ll see where this goes. Bedlam Farm is a magical place in some ways, it turns to turn the living things who exist her into warmer and kinder beings.


  1. Like you, it’s hard to say what’s going on here with Bud and the sheep but it makes for some very charming, adorable photos! Amazing the attachment they seem to have to one another. Hope it continues.

  2. Bud got the lesson down well, the beasts that he lives with are his friends and protectors. Adding the humans is a much bigger deal. He had to field a lot to win the lotto with you and Maria, and now he is blossoming.

    I hope it turns to donkeys at some point and he truly becomes friends with them

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