15 May

Ruth. Getting Ready

by Jon Katz

Ruth was a bit nervous before the Commitment Ceremony. Red, with his usual intuitive skills, came right up to her and stood beside her, this surprised me, he just seemed to know.

Thanks again to Fran Brummer for sending her late sister’s dress from India, Ruth loved it right away and it fit her perfectly. I came with pains and I got matching shoes. Ruth sees herself as married, even though Commitment Ceremonies and weddings are legally different.

But she can call it whatever she wants, it was warm and lovely and sweet. I am so glad she and Wayne asked me to conduct the ceremony. I read enough poems, vows and readings to last a good long time. But it came out just right.


  1. So happy for them, looks like a beautiful day. Many thanks to you, Jon, for making their ceremony so meaningful. I am thrilled that the headband matched her outfit (and hair!). Hoping for many happy years together–they’re very special.

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