15 May

The Love House: Today’s The Day

by Jon Katz

I call the Mansion “The Love House,” it is not paradise by any means, but I always feel the love there when I go. Today is a celebration of love, the Commitment Ceremony for Ruth and Wayne, who have fallen in love and hope to spend the rest of their lives together.

At the Mansion, that term “till death do us part” has many different meanings and connotations.

I am ready and eager to preside over the ceremony. I’ve chosen the readings, wrote my own vows. The refrigerator here is crammed with a chocolate cake and some beautiful cupcakes. I’m bringing a box of chocolate chip cookies over this morning for the Mansion Aides from papercakesscissors, a baker run by Emily Gold, a member of Maria’s Belly Dancing troupe.

She makes the most beautiful cakes and cookies.

The dining room table is covered with the flowers Ruth and Wayne asked for in the colors they like.

The ceremony is at 2 p.m, this is, I think, one of the most blessed tasks I have ever been entrusted with. I even have a Commitment Ceremony Certificate, thanks to Kitty Farnham.

I’m obviously not taking a video of the ceremony, since I’ll beĀ  Wayne’s Best Man and also conducting the ceremony. I hope to get some photos. We have live music as well, and four people chosen by Ruth to do some short readings.

I’ve got a new skillset now, ceremony organizing and couples counseling.

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