3 June

Mystics In Bedlam: Podcast 15 (And New Podcast Logo)

by Jon Katz

Today, we are happy to unveil our new Bedlam Farm Podcast (No. 15)  Mystics In Bedlam.  The log is another brilliant creation of artist Abrah Griggs, we think she is a creative genius.

Abrah designed the logo for the new Bedlam Farm Journal, now lodged at the top of the Farm Journal page. As always she struck the right tone and saw right into our feelings about the podcast. We love the log, and we are also loving the podcasts.

Thank you, Abrah, your very special gifts are a wonder.

Abrah choose a ewe and Bud as the cover subjects, I think it was a good choice. Here, we look again, not backwards. Red still graces the top of the Farm Journal page.

Our podcast topic is one of the most interesting, at least for us. We hope you will feel the same way. We talk about mysticism, and it’s impact on our work and our loves. Most recently, Maria had a classic mystical vision that helped her to shed some painful baggage from her childhood. It’s a powerful and moving story.

I told her that the next thing for her will be to go and create naked in some cave on a mountainside. She seemed intrigued.

I use visions and and self-surrender and other mystical tools in my writing and my photography.  Mysticism is about self-surrender and the evolution ideas and revelations away from the intellectual process.

We are just figuring out how much a part of our creativity and self-awareness mysticism is. There are mystics at Bedlam Farm. Our Web designers says that if people post favorable reviews on Itunes, the podcast will automatically be seen by lots more people.

If you like the podcasts, and are inclined to do that, please post a review. We were abashed that the last one went so long – 40 minutes – so we set a timer for this one, it’s just over 20 minutes. Take a listen if you can.

And thanks. As you can tell, we are having fun.


  1. Thanks for taking the plunge and doing the podcast. I enjoy listening to it so much. Part of the charm (for me at least) is that you both sound so real, unpretentious, funny, & warm. They could easily be 60 minutes and 7 days a week and I wouldn’t mind a bit.
    I’ve been reading your blog for a long long time. The podcasts are icing on the cake. Be well.

  2. I so enjoy your podcasts and am so happy you added them to your creative repertoire. However, I listen to them on my iPhone and have a problem.

    When the iPhone’s screen goes dark, the podcast cuts out and cannot be retrieved. I have to go back to your blog, click the link again, and start over from the beginning! And I don’t want to hear the annoying advertising at the start repeatedly. The only way to keep the podcast going is to keep physically moving my screen.

    Just wondered if there’s a solution. Thanks!


    1. Thanks Hazel, I’m afraid I can’t help you with a technical problem like that, it does not happen to my phone or to the phones of anyone else I am aware of. I suspect it has to to with the age and format of your phone, I’d suggest you either call Apple – they have wonderful tech support – or get the phone checked by a professional, which I am not. I’m sure it can be fixed, there is always a solution..Thanks for caring.

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