11 June

If You Think This Won’t End Happily, You Don’t Know Red

by Jon Katz

I went to the Mansion this afternoon for my weekly reading to the Mansion residents (more later) and as we left, Red was heading for the door and Summer, the wild cat we fixed up and ended up in the Mansion, was sitting in the door, blocking it.

Those of us with dogs might look at this scene and expect it to end unhappily, but with Red, I never gave it a second thought. He said out the door and right past Summer, who didn’t blink or move.

There was barely room for the two of them but Red slid right out the door without giving Summer a thought. The two often pass each other in the hallways, there has been no trouble.

I’ve never had a dog I could trust so completely in so many different situations as Red. See below.



  1. In a free moment would it be possible to update a list of the current Mansion residents that would still like a brief note or card. Thanks.

    1. Sure, unfortunately the list is changing quite radically right now, i’ll do it as soon as is feasible..Marg..

  2. Why do people think it’s unusual for dogs and cats to get along? In my experience, more do than don’t. I wouldn’t expect anything different in this situation.

    1. You have different dogs than I have had. Many breeds of dogs have serious trouble with cats, some chase and kill them. I’ve had two dogs like that, yes, Red is unusual.

      1. My current mixed breed dog has a pretty high prey drive for rabbits and chipmunks. It has improved about 75% with work on refocusing with positive reinforcement. He has no prey drive with cats at all. He actually quite likes them. None of the border collies that I know chase cats. I have had all sorts of breeds and mixed beeeds, no problems with cats yet.

        1. Good. Everyone is different, Dana, all dogs are not the same. I’ve had one dog who chased cats, I know many people who have trouble with it.

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