11 June

Who Put These Flowers In The Blue Bird Bath?

by Jon Katz

Every once in awhile I come out of the house and see some beautiful flowers floating in the bird bath, almost always after a storm. Being naive about nature, I used to think they were blown there in the wind.

Maria denied any knowledge of the flowers, but she says I am drawn to color like bees to pollen. This week, the flowers floating in the blue birth bath were especially evocative.

Maria again  denied any knowledge, but Maria cannot lie, even in jest, and she had that twinkle in her eye that reminds me of Alfalfa in the Little Rascal. I have this thing about not taking staged photos, but these were so beautiful I couldn’t resist.

I crawled out into the garden – under her watchful eye –  and took the photo. The flowers, however they got there, looked so peaceful and natural.

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