12 June

(One To Go)Blue’s New Painting: From The Stars

by Jon Katz

I was going to wait until Thursday to post the newest painting by Blue that is for sale, but the Bishop Maginn Art Students are red-hot tonight, I sold Paw Lway’s and Blue’s paintings in just a few minutes. So I’ll try for a triple.

Blue is a refugee from Japan, and has been struggling to find herself lately, she loves art and finds it both healing and calming, two things she seeks.

Blue doesn’t sleep much and draws her inspiration from her love of astrology, the stars and the seasons. The different signs in astrology often spark a painting.

I have been named art agent for these remarkable young artists, and I am selling Blue’s photo for $50, it is 18 by 36 – she’s doing watercolors now on smaller boards.

I loved seeing these young people clutching the brushes and paint tubes we sent them, focused and excited.

On this video below, Blue talks about her love of astrology and the sky and the stars. She spends many nights looking up. She doesn’t sleep much.

If you are interested in this painting, I wouldn’t wait too long, the price is $50 and the process is this: you must e-mail me at jon@bedlamfarm.com, its first com first serve.

Please don’t send a payment to Paypal or anywhere else unless you get a confirmation from me, thanks.

We brought Blue two big bags of art supplies, she is excited and plans to paint all summer, she wants to come into Sue Silverstein’s art room as often as she can. Sue’s room is the center of the universe for many of these refugee children, she has been there for them when no one else has.

So let me know if you want to buy this enchanting work of art. Maybe we can pull off a sweep.

Maria and Blue talked art, I love the feeling of it, artists seem to recognize one another.


  1. Jon, I have discovered an app that Blue might enjoy…it’s called Night Sky. She will need a smart phone, but you could try it on your phone and see if you like it. You hold the phone up and point it to the sky and it will identify the stars and constellations that you see. The names of the constellations correspond to the astrological signs, too, so I thought she might enjoy it. I love being able to see where the International Space Station is and where the Hubble Telescope is. You can move the phone around and see where the sun is (after it has set) and the moon. It has many features that I haven’t explored yet.

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