12 June

Red May Move To Bishop Maginn High School

by Jon Katz

Red loves a number of things: women,  attention, women, and sheep.

He has sheep here on the farm, but he gets all the rest at Bishop Maginn, they know how to spoil a dog there. Red has his own blanket to lie on (he hates linoleum floors), Sue Silverstein calls him “my dog,” he is surrounded by loving women from the minute he walks in and everybody had a treat for him.

When I stopped smiling and thought about it, I saw this is what therapy work with dogs is all about, this is healing to those girls, this is calming and connecting for them.

Red had people petting and cooing at him for two hours, every young woman who came in sat down on the floor to talk to him. Sue even had the class make a painted “Red” water bowl for him.

At one point, he was lapping up cool water, getting his head and back rubbed, and being fed a steady diet of small treats. Here’s another place I can’t go without bringing him.

If he disappears suddenly, I will know either that Sue has kidnapped him or that he has snuck off in the night to be with his new girlfriends.

And a bonus. In the background, tables full of refugee students using the new art supplies we sent them from the Wish List. Kids from all over the school are coming by to use them and sketch and drawn. Thanks.


  1. I love your giving forward! What you observe about red and the school is awesome I have a but: he loves his work and family at the farm and you! Perhaps he can continue his therapy work at the school as a special visitor. Then he will be involved in both worlds , how great would that be! This would assure he not feel abandoned in his golden years

    1. Red isn’t going anywhere, we are there every week..thanks..He doesn’t need more work, we have plenty to do. The Mansion residents need him too..

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